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March 4th 2016




  Om Ashram Yoga Studio - The Manor at Camp John
  Hay, Baguio City, The Philippines.

  See Facebook: Om.ashram.yogastudio
  Phone: 0927 777 9686
  Kirtan is meditative music where the audience
   themselves enjoy joining in!
  Here is a good 
   sample: v=VP623hMbAIA






Just turn up


May 20th 2016



All visitors are most welcome to attend the

"Sacred Chant Concert"

With the monks and devotees of Inish Rath Island.



This event is free of charge. If you'd like to attend please register. See info below.




This Concert celebrates 50 years of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, from its first incorporation in New York in 1966. We also celebrate 30 years of our temple in County Fermanagh (established 1986). Although the religion itself is from an ancient tradition more than 5000 years old, the wisdom in this format is new to a worldwide audience.

*****open day

Practical Points For Concert Attendees

(1) This concert is not a stage performance event, rather it is a glimpse at authentic Temple kirtan-yoga Mantra music.

(2) Please REGISTER for the event by emailing Tim at We would like to know (a) the name of the person(s) attending and (b) whether you'd like a chair reserved.


(3)  We will have some chairs for people to sit in comfort, but in general temples or yoga rooms have 'empty' floor space that allows for more people to sit cross-legged. If you would like to reserve a chair for yourself and / or your family or friends please email Tim at:

It would be a good idea if attendees can take either their own cushion to sit on, or a small portable chair / stool.


 How to get to us? Driving Directions from nearby towns: see here





FAQ: What is the music like?

Ans: Check out the Youtube videos of kirtan-yoga Sacred Chant music below...


beach kirtan







   Just turn up

Youtube - Sacred Chant Kirtan Music




"...I had bought the (kirtan) album Prabhupada did in New York, and John and I listened to it. I remember we sang it for days, John and I, with ukulele banjos, sailing through the Greek islands... like six hours we sang because we couldn't stop once we got going. As soon as we stopped it was like the lights went out. It went to a point where our jaws were aching, singing the mantra over and over...We felt exalted; it was a very happy time for us"

John Lennon and George Harrison
of the Beatles

(from a 1982 interview with George)