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Meditation with Music Kirtan in Ireland                                           


Quotes from Ancient Texts

"There is no vow like chanting the divine names, no knowledge superior to it, no meditation which comes anywhere near it, and it gives the highest result. No penance is equal to it, and nothing is as potent or powerful as the divine name.

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 Chanting is the greatest act of piety and the supreme refuge. Even the words of the Vedas do not possess sufficient power to describe its magnitude. Chanting is the highest path to liberation, peace and eternal life. It is the pinnacle of devotion, the heart's joyous proclivity and attraction, and the best form of remembrance of the Supreme Being"

Adi Purana

"Those who are actually advanced in knowledge are able to appreciate the essential value of this age of Kali. Such enlightened persons worship kali-yuga because in this degraded age all perfection of life can easily be achieved by performance of sankirtan"

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.36

Comment: in the original Sanskrit of this verse, kirtan is referred to as 'sankirtan'. The prefix 'san' means 'complete' and this is another way of referring to kirtan. Kali-yuga is the name given to the present Iron Age. Although technology has advanced, the Vedic seers see that more subtle aspects of the human spirit have declined: chivalry, morality, yogic powers and bhakti (love , devotion). Modern science would have us believe that we are now at the pinnacle of the evolution of humanity, yet yogis, Vedic philosophers and great Vaishnava gurus and leaders look on the situation in reverse.


Harinam 460"Whatever result was obtained in other ages by the recommended spiritual path for that age - namely Vishnu meditation in Satya Yuga, performance of Vedic ceremonies in Treta Yuga and temple worship in Dvapara Yuga - can be obtained in the present Kali Yuga simply by Krishna kirtan. Thus, kirtan is the yuga dharma for this age"

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.3.52 (from circa 3200BC)

Explanation: In the Vedic history of the world, there are different recommended spiritual practises for different time periods. The most recommended path (or yuga dharma) for the present day is kirtan.

image above right: All-night kirtan in Bengal, India, in the early 1500's


Om anavrittih sabdat

By sound vibration, one becomes liberated

Vedanta Sutra 4.4.22






"...I had bought the (kirtan) album Prabhupada did in New York, and John and I listened to it. I remember we sang it for days, John and I, with ukulele banjos, sailing through the Greek islands... like six hours we sang because we couldn't stop once we got going. As soon as we stopped it was like the lights went out. It went to a point where our jaws were aching, singing the mantra over and over...We felt exalted; it was a very happy time for us"

John Lennon and George Harrison
of the Beatles

(from a 1982 interview with George)